Windows 8 For Dummies Book DVD Bundle: Andy Rathbone: 9781118271674

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Publication Date: October 30,2012 ISBN-10: 111827167X ISBN-13 :978-1,118,271,674 Edition: 1
Windows 8 Dummies bundled together to provide four hours of DVD teaching video training – perfect you run on Windows 8!
This book and DVD package offers a two-pronged attack to help new and experienced Windows users to get a grip of the Windows operating system. This book to guide the reader’s basic knowledge, does not change from one version to the new version of the core activities, and enhance the system tools, unlike previous versions of Windows 8 latest updates. Four hours of DVD-Windows8 tools most commonly used to provide short-term, two to five minutes of exercise video lessons.

Package contains a copy of Windows 8 fools, the best-selling fool Author Andy Rathbone, and 4 hours of video training DVD
Dual interface, navigation, and manage files and folders system provides the core components of the desktop
Including basic knowledge connected to the Internet, send and receive e-mail options, and operation, working with the Internet Explorer browser, set the virus protection and other security tools
Shows how self-definition and upgrade of Windows and add music, movies and photos
To solve a common problem and switch to new Windows8 computer, and look for more help
This book and DVD bundled with a winning combination applies to any Windows8 user, no matter what level of experience.

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