Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Eighth Edition: Jesse Dukeminier, Robert H. Sitkoff, Mr. James Lindgren: 9780735579965

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r example of a great casebook, Wills, Trust Land features:

Prominent clearly show theme
Cover the full substantive
Case of inhalation select
Themes and principles in the notes, problems and connection issues, and stressed that the law
Humorous cartoons and instructions, art, photographs and other images
With many new and revised notes, questions and problems, carefully eighth edition of the latest:

Legal reform and the new development of ALI and NCCUSL, such as:
2008 Uniform Probate Code amendments, including notary will verify that the reform will error and reprocessing spouse share
Lawyers Law UES
Restatement (c) made further progress Trust Restatement (c) Property
Continued development and other aspects of the law,
Inheritance rights of same-sex couples
Posthumous publicity rights
Agency the power to change the plan of the real estate of an incompetent principals
Open rule modification and termination of the trust, the trustee remove
Trustee of public trust in a suitable donor
Permanent Trust Fund and settled asset protection trusts
More and more important issues, such as:
The exercise therapy executors defects mistakes and reform
Entrusted with the management and trust investment law
Game, in particular, the ability of the law and the crazy delusion
Robert Sitkoff and James Lindgren, Ltd., the author spent a lot of time and effort to save the voice and spirit of Jesse · Dukeminier, while meeting between the trust and expectations of the users timely and relevant reports, case, and pay attention to the material.

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