Understanding Abnormal Behavior (Psy 254 Behavior Problems and Personality): David Sue, Derald Wing Sue, Stanley Sue, Diane M. Sue: 9781111834593

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Publication date: January 2012 ISBN-10: 1111834598 ISBN-13 :978-1111834593 Edition: 10
The current study, high-quality scholarship, and an attractive design, to abnormal psychological understanding of abnormal behavior, 10th edition, provides an attractive and stimulating appearance. Propose a thorough integration multicultural abnormal psychology books – of cross-cultural comparison, can greatly improve the understanding of the disease – the text provides extensive coverage and integration of multicultural models, explanations and concepts based on. It also continues the multipath model introduced in the ninth edition, stressed the importance of considering biological, psychological, social, socio-cultural factors, as well as the interaction between mental disorders etiology. The abnormal behavioral science and clinical work, this book can help you understand the tools to provide insight into the mental health professionals at the same time, for the research and treatment of disease. It also began to discuss the proposed changes in the APA’s DSM-5 definition of mental disorder and its impact, including an absolute change of focus from a one-dimensional system of personality asses