The Rocket Company: Patrick Stiennon, David Hoerr, Doug Birkholz (Illustrator): 1563476967: 9781563476969

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Title: The Rocket Company
Author: Patrick Stiennon, David Hoerr, Doug Birkholz (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 1563476967
ISBN-13: 9781563476969

As the debt of the U.S. government approaches {dollar}9 trillion, we must ask ourselves what sort of economic example is being set for our students. If this debt is passed on to the current generation of students, what, then, should children and teenagers know about personal finance? How can sound financial principles and money management be taught to these students? Extreme Economics: The Need for Personal Finance in the School Curriculum identifies, through current research, what children and teenagers need to know about managing funds. It shows educators how to design instructional activities that enable students to learn about money management in fascinating and meaningful ways. Extreme Economics is not filled with complicated or confusing charts, graphs, and terminology. It is readable and immediately applicable. As education continues to advance, the school curriculum might consist of reading, writing, math, and economics and finance. This book is an important step to ensuring a solid base in this emerging area.