The Principles of Learning and Behavior: Active Learning Edition (Sixth Edition): Michael P. Domjan: 9780495601999

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Publication Date: March 17, 2009 ISBN-10: 0,495,601,993 ISBN-13 :978-0495601999 Edition: 6
This active learning edition includes a new, built-in workbook provides examples and exercises to help students practice and remember what they read text. In addition, students to read charts and what kind of information about the behavior to make its own interpretation. Each practice began, a short lesson, then short operating range from 1 minute to 30-minute work – some are short answer, some of the projects, some are more involved in The virtual workbook students practice scoff the RAT, 2.0 version also uses. Called currency and clear writing style, the principles of learning and behavior provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the basic forms of learning, the focus of the study is more in the twentieth century. This book covers the habitual, classical conditioning, the instrument air conditioning, stimulus control, aversion to control, and its application to the study of cognitive and behavioral problems mitigate. Biological learning constraints integrated throughout the text, the application box, the animal studies to human learning and behavior. This book closely reflects the field of research, on behalf of the topics covered in theoretical discussion and description of the experimental par