The Immune System: Peter Parham: 9780815341468

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Publication Date: January 19, 2009 ISBN-10: 0815341466 ISBN-13 :978-0815341468 Edition: 3
Immune system, third edition emphasizes the human immune system, integrated into understandable, the latest immunology concepts and facilitate reader account how the immune system works.

Author: undergraduate, medical, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, immunology courses students, it makes extensive use of medical examples to illustrate the point.

The third edition has been extensively revised and updated, including two new chapters of the innate and adaptive immune explore the basic principles of physics, cellular and molecular response to infection. It also has enhanced the coverage of aspects of innate immunity such as the complement system, Toll-like receptors, defense, and C-reactive protein, the role of dendritic cells in the start of the adaptive immune response and other cellular functions, bridge innate and adaptive immunity, using the humanized monoclonal antibody immune therapy to treat certain diseases and the immune response of the mucosal tissue, and the nature of the immune memory. This book provides more than 500 full-color illustrations, supplement and clarify the concept. Chapter problem has been expanded to include the article, multiple-choice questions, case studies, and provide the answer at the end of this book.