The Human Face of Big Data (9781454908272): Rick Smolan, Jennifer Erwitt

new form of life. Soon after, as
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dicted, the re-design of our own species. And we have only scratched the surface. . .
In the past decade, Rick Smolan and Jennifer Ouwei Te, the founder of the co-production of all odds, has produced a series of ambitious global cooperation, hundreds of the world’s leading photographer, writer and graphic designer. Life in their day-to-day project has been included to create a mass market for large format picture book (rare, is not a coffee table book).
The global objective of the project today, they spark a global dialogue on emerging issues in cyberspace (24 hours) from the Internet, microprocessor (digital day), human beings learn to heal itself, (the power of healing), is in the water crisis (Blue Planet Run).
The Smolan Ou Weite this year sent a photographer and writer, in as many areas of requirements represents a brand new set of tools for the human exploration of the world of “big data” to determine whether it is true that in every corner of the globe, Help solve the biggest challenge facing our species.
This book has 10 articles by well-known writers:
Description: marine data by Dan Gardner
Chapter 1: digital mirror, Biotechnomomy CEO Juan Enriquez
Chapter 2: our data through their own Kate Green, “The Economist”
Chapter 3: Quantification AJ Jacobs, a gentleman
Chapter 4: DARK data by Mark Goodman, the future Institute for Crime
Chapter 5: the sentient beings sensor mesh Susan Carlin, Fast Company
Chapter 6: The pulse of the planet Esther Dyson, EDventure
Chapter 7: citizen science Gareth Cook, “Boston Globe (Boston Globe)
The Chapter 8: DEMOGRAPH a by – Michael Malone (Michael Malone), “Forbes” magazine
Chapter 9: Art of the data, Google Resident Artist Aaron Koblin
Chapter 10: Jonathan Harris, a data-driven production starling in North America
This book is also equipped with amazing graphics NIGEL HOLMES.
1) Google search Google: Google use the data to help all mankind
2) The data is the new oil
3) the world, according to Twitter
4) the eye of the auction: the world of Internet advertising
5) FACEBOOK: one hundred million friends
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