The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict: Arbinger Institute: 9781576755846

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Publication Date: May 1, 2008 ISBN-10: 1576755843 ISBN-13 :978-1576755846 Edition: 1
If the conflict at home, at work, in the world on the conflict and to dry the same as the root cause of it? If the individual and the collective, we systematically misunderstood the reason, and the problem of continuity unknowingly, we believe that we are trying to solve the problem?
Anatomy of an interesting story of parents struggling with troubled children and their own personal problems, “peace” shows how to get past the stereotypes and self-defense reaction, we clearly see the world and to effectively deal with . Yusuf Farah, an Arab country, AVI Rozen, a Jew, each lost his father at the hands of other ethnic cousins​​. As the story unfolds, we discovered how they come together, how they help warring parents and children to come together, we can find our way out to measure our struggle. The choice lies between war and peace in our hearts. As a character said, “within the war a solution to solve the same is true of foreign wars.” This book offers more than hope – it shows how we can prevent conflict, caused so much pain in our lives and our world.