Technical Market Indicators: Analysis & Performance / Edition 1: Julie R. Dahlquist, Richard J. Bauer: 0471197211: 9780471197218

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Title: Technical Market Indicators: Analysis & Performance / Edition 1
Author: Julie R. Dahlquist, Richard J. Bauer
ISBN-10: 0471197211
ISBN-13: 9780471197218

The use of technical market indicators has long been acontroversial subject, highly regarded by some and treated withgreat skepticism by others. Yet, the number of indicators-and thenumber of individual investors and finance professionals usingthem-continues to grow. Now, more than ever, there is an urgentneed for objective testing to determine the validity of theseindicators. Technical Market Indicators is a unique study of theperformance of many of the most widely used technical analysisindicators. The authors explore in an unbiased, rigorous mannerwhether these indicators consistently perform well or fail to dothe job. They explain which indicators work best and why, providinga clear picture of what the investor is likely to experience whenusing technical analysis. Unlike other books on the subject,Technical Market Indicators provides a comprehensive testing ofindicators that uses a large sample of stocks over a twelve-yeartime period, encompassing varying market conditions. Instead ofusing the traditional technical analysis charts, this detailedanalysis takes a different approach, calculating numbers based onvarious relationships and letting the numbers dictate thedecisions. This allows the investor to use technical methodswithout ever consulting a chart. From an objective standpoint, theauthors address both the pro and con arguments of using technicalanalysis and attempt to shed additional light onto the controversythrough their systematic testing. They also alert the investor tothe many different issues that must be addressed when usingtechnical indicators, including performance measurement criteria,consistency of results, combining indicators, portfolioconsiderations, and leveraging. This indispensable resourcefeatures: * Comprehensive testing of sixty different technical indicators,fully described, including Trading Band Crossover, RelativeStrength Peaks, Random Walk Breakout, Candle Belt Hold, and VolumeTrend * An explanation of the underlying concepts behind the indicatorsand their methods of calculation * In-depth results of tests on each individual indicator, with over250 pages of detailed tables * An examination of trading rules that combine two or moreindicators and a report of a sampling of the bestcombinations * An annotated bibliography For those new to technical analysis or for the experienced analystlooking for some fresh angles on the subject, this one-of-a-kindresource is the only one you’ll need to navigate the increasinglycomplex maze of technical market indicators.