Solutions Manual to Accompany Principles of Corporate Finance / Edition 11: Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, Franklin Allen: 0077502477: 9780077502478

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Title: Solutions Manual to Accompany Principles of Corporate Finance / Edition 11
Author: Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers, Franklin Allen
ISBN-10: 0077502477
ISBN-13: 9780077502478

Today’s company directors face overwhelming governance challenges. “Best practices” provide directors with only piecemeal solutions. This book explains Policy Governanceâ, the only complete and conceptually coherent operating system for boards. John Carver, the creator of The Policy Governance model and boardroom consultant Caroline Oliver demonstrate that the value a board should add is not to the company’s management but to the company’s owners. Briefly and clearly explained, this simple yet profound system clarifies the board, chair, and CEO roles. Its appealing logic empowers directors and senior management alike. The authors first examine the kind of value that boards typically add, and suggest a redefinition and elevation of value that boards can create. They then set out the basics of Policy Governance design through which boards can deliver value, and they show how to apply the design to the board’s process, its relationship with the CEO, and the manner in which it commands company performance. Carver and Oliver go on to demonstrate the mechanics with which Policy Governance makes accountability feasible to a previously unattainable degree. Finally the authors outline what boards can do to make sure they stay on track. A more rigorous paradigm for board leadership, the authors argue, clarifies and enriches the conversation about leadership, accountability, and policy-making. Corporate Boards That Create Value gives corporate directors and all who care about governance a powerful tool for success.