Social Problems (5th Edition): John J. Macionis: 9780205881390

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Publication Date: October 22, 2012 ISBN-10: 0,205,881,394 ISBN-13 :978-0205881390 Edition: 5
Frame social problems and political solutions.

Macionis’s book is the only social problems, a description of the social framework of social problems and political solutions through the text.

Text analysis of social issues and policies, the political and sociological theory and the concept of day-to-day language. It can also help students understand the attitudes and values​​, and to define the political spectrum in the United States. Once students know how to define our society through the political and social issues, and how the policies to solve these problems, they can become actively involved in solving social problems and political participation.

Teaching and learning experience
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- Chapter organization follows a logical framework to improve critical thinking, to track a problem, from its origins to the solution.
Attract students – international, national and personal example, to help students better understand the problem.
Explore Theory – Major sociological theories, how they explain each social issues were discussed.
Understanding of diversity – the characteristics of the students believe that the world is about to define the solution of social problems.
Support for teachers – social issues in the literature indicate teachers edition. In addition, of a written test bank provides the best support for mentors.
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