Sense and Nonsense About Crime, Drugs, and Communities: A Policy Guide: Samuel Walker: 9780495809876

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Publication Date: May 5, 2010 ISBN-10: 049580987X ISBN-13 :978-0495809876 Edition: 7
Samuel Walker, sense and nonsense about crime, drugs, and community challenge common misconceptions crime first book, a new seventh edition is still in doing so only effective. While emphasizing current research and practice that has been described as “skilled criticism the policy of the United States, everything from crime control, guns, drugs, this incisive text throughout the popular myths and political rhetoric. The result is obviously clear, research-based work, clearly reveals the common characteristics of successful practices of what does not work, including a well-defined, narrow-minded, issue-oriented programs in policing and criminal prosecution of criminal policy, At the same time determine. With the text to capture the full complexity of the administration of justice, to provide students with a clear sense of its main principles and general mode.