Rethinking the Color Line: Readings in Race and Ethnicity: Charles A. Gallagher: 9780078026638

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Publication Date: November 10,2011 ISBN-10: 0078026636 ISBN-13 :978-0,078,026,638 Edition: 5
User-friendly without sacrificing the rigor of knowledge or theory, this book, the current study contemporary issues and explore new ways to study the racial and ethnic relations. Function readings effectively engage students and help them understand the theory and concepts. Encourage active learning in the classroom, while providing students of all races, cultures and economic backgrounds. Timely theme of the fifth edition has 10 new articles:
The changing U.S. Census definition of racial and ethnic
• race-based health disparities
• between racial and gender discrimination against minorities and women
• Arabia and the United States
• how social control to maintain racial inequality
• Increase the black and brown imprisonment
• how racial prejudice may affect the use of DNA to find crime suspects
• How derogatory ethnic and racial image creation and dissemination of media
• the nature of African-American women through the use of gender stereotype
• light black skin hybrid features portrayal