Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis / Edition 1: Joshua Kahr, Michael C. Thomsett: 0471655260: 9780471655268

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Title: Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis / Edition 1
Author: Joshua Kahr, Michael C. Thomsett
ISBN-10: 0471655260
ISBN-13: 9780471655268

What is a property worth, and why? If you’re a real estate professional or an investor in real estate, answering that question is critical. Real estate market valuation is influenced by a myriad of factors. Analysis is complex, but new data and analytical tools can enhance the process and make it much more scientific. This book covers market valuation and analysis of: single-family homes and condos, multi-unit rental property, retail/commercial real estate, office and industrial properties, lodging and tourism industry properties, and mixed-use real estate. It emphasizes the importance of understanding local trends rather than relying on regional or national research. In easy-to-understand language and with great examples, this comprehensive reference: Covers the analysis of local economies, the market (supply and demand for a particular type of property), marketability, feasibility, and investment Describes the three appraisal methods: cost, market or sales comparison, and income Explains how investment features, such as liquidity, leverage, risk, and marketability, affect valuation Throughout the book there are valuable resources that real estate professionals will refer to again and again, plus real-life case studies that demonstrate the importance of proper valuation. Joshua Kahr is the President of Kahr Real Estate Services, LLC, a consulting firm with specialization in real estate market analysis, financial software training, and financial modeling. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Real Estate at New York University, where he teaches in the Master of Science in Real Estate program.