Public-Private Partnerships: Principles of Policy and Finance: E. R. Yescombe: 0750680547: 9780750680547

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Title: Public-Private Partnerships: Principles of Policy and Finance
Author: E. R. Yescombe
ISBN-10: 0750680547
ISBN-13: 9780750680547

A behind-the-scenes look at the mutual fund industry With more than 8,000 funds, more than $8 trillion in assets, andmore than 87 million individual investors at the end of 2004,mutual funds—professionally managed pooled investment vehiclesthat give people the opportunity to participate in the securitiesmarket without having to become money managers—are verypopular. This book focuses on open end funds, and gives you acomprehensive inside look at the mutual fund industry, includingreal-life examples of how specific functions are performed atvarious firms. You’ll explore industry history and structure,investment management, portfolio operations, accounting, auditing,legal compliance, customer service, distribution, globalization,and e-commerce. You’ll also learn about the cost of various mutualfund operations—both to the fund companies and toinvestors. Mutual Fund Industry Handbook does not provide information abouthow to select mutual funds or delve into specific funds orcategories of funds. Rather, it describes every facet of mutualfund operations in an accessible and easy-to- understand manner. Italso objectively addresses controversial topics, such as the feesthat funds charge investors, disclosure requirements, advertising,active versus passive management, responsibilities of funddirectors, and recent scandals, including illegal late trading andmarket timing. Mutual Fund Industry Handbook concludes with adiscussion of trends and conditions that can impact theindustry. Whether you’re an investment professional looking to improveyour mutual fund knowledge or an investor who wants to understandwhat goes on behind the scenes throughout the mutual fund industry,this is the resource for you.