Public and Private Families: An Introduction: Andrew J. Cherlin: 9780073404356

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Publication Date: November 30,2009 | ISBN-10: 0073404357 ISBN-13 :978-0073404356 Edition: 6
Sound scholarship and balanced approach nationally recognized as one of the leading organs and written in the field, this text is most familiar in our lives our personal life private family through two lenses: To investigate the family of the family and the public , as adults, we deal with the broader social issues, such as care for the elderly, the increase in divorce, and childbearing outside marriage. The book looks at intimate personal problems, such as whether to marry, as well as the concerns of the community, such as government policy affect the family. Unique chapters – Chapter 9, children and parents; Chapter 10, the elderly and their families, “and Chapter 14,” family, the state and social policy “- check current interest, such as income assistance to poor families, the impact of the cost of family childcare services, social security and health insurance