Psychology Ninth Edition in Modules: David G. Myers: 9781429216388

Publication Date: September 28, 2009 | ISBN-10: 1,429,216,387 ISBN-13 :978-1,429,216,388 | Version: Ninth Edition
Why Myers?
David Myers has become the world’s best-selling Introduction to Psychology of the needs of teachers and students, as well as the provision of services. Each Myers textbook latest teaching methods,
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igned, effective media and supplemented to provide a perfect combination. Most important, each Myers text explains why this author’s style works so good student, his signature compassionate companion’s voice, and superb judgment how to communicate science, psychology, and human impact .

Why module?
Myers, best-selling, full-length text, Psychology (breaking book of 16 chapters, 59 short modules)-based version of this module is another example of the author’s ability to understand the class.

Experience with students from Myers strongly hope the textbook into short fragments, rather than lengthy chapters, and appreciate the flexibility provided by modular format with mentors.

The modular organization introduced a smaller part of the material. Students can easily read any module in a single meeting.

Self-standing module. The the teachers module can be assigned to your favorite. The module does not make any assumptions about the students had read. The illustrations and the principal terms of the need to repeat.

This modular organization of short, independent unit of the text, to improve the flexibility of the teacher. , Rather than assigning the entire Sensation and Perception Chapter the teacher allocation module vision, the hearing of the module, and / or other senses they choose in any order on the module.

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