Professional Construction Management / Edition 3: Donald Barrie, Boyd Paulson: 0070038899: 9780070038899

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Title: Professional Construction Management / Edition 3
Author: Donald Barrie, Boyd Paulson
ISBN-10: 0070038899
ISBN-13: 9780070038899

Just how successful is that investment? Measuring portfolio performance requires evaluation (measuring portfolio results against benchmarks) and attribution (determining individual results of the portfolio’s parts), In this book, a professor and an asset manager show readers how to use theories, applications, and real data to understandthese tools. Unlike others,Fischer and Wermersteachreaders howto pick the theories and applications that fit their specific needs.With material inspired by the recent financial crisis, Fischer and Wermers bring new clarity to defining investment success. Gives readers the theories and the empirical tools to handle their own data Features practice problems formerly from the CFA Program curriculum.