Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition (Principles of Neural Science (Kandel)): Eric R. Kandel, James H. Schwartz, Thomas M. Jessell, Steven A. Siegelbaum, A. J. Hudspeth: 9780071390118

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velopment of the field of neuroscience principle is the most authoritative similar, the most indispensable resource.

In this classic text, the well-known researchers in the field of investigation of the entire spectrum of neuroscience skillfully keep up with the times, an unprecedented analysis of the discipline of the study of the brain and the mind. Here, a significant amount of the current state of knowledge of neuroscience, from the molecular and cellular, anatomical structures and systems, sensory and cognitive functions to support more than 900 precise, full-color illustrations. Addition to clarifying complex topics, this book is also beneficial from a cohesive organization, began with incisive overview of the relationship between the brain, nervous system, genes and behavior. Principles of Neural Science, in-depth study of the molecular and cell biology, nerve cells, synaptic transmission, neurocognitive foundation. The remaining sections of cells, molecules and systems to clarify how to visual, auditory, tactile, movement, thinking, learning, memory, and mood.

The fifth edition of the new principles of neuroscience thoroughly updated to reflect a lot of research, as well as the latest clinical point of view, has been a significant change in the field in the past decade.

The final, Principles of Neural Science affirms that all behavior is an expression of the neural activity, depends on the progress of clinical neurology and psychiatry neuroscience future. Far more than a similar range of text and scholarship, this guide provides unparalleled command of the scientific rigor of the angle of the molecular mechanisms of neurological function and disease, you will continue to rely on to enhance the understanding of your brain, heart and behavior.


Explain nerve, brain, and mental function cornerstone reference in the field of neuroscience
Clear emphasis on how behavior can study the electrical activity of individual neurons and the nerve cells of the nervous system
The current focus of molecular biology as a tool for probing the pathogenesis of many neurological diseases, including muscular dystrophy, Huntington’s disease and some forms of Alzheimer’s disease
Over 900 with full-color illustrations are often very complex, including the clarification of the chart, X-rays, microscopes, imaging, neuroscience concept
Outstanding part of the development and the emergence of behavior, including important coverage repair brain damage, sexual differentiation of the nervous system, brain aging
NEW! Cognitive and behavioral function discussed in more detail, and to expand the review of the cognitive processes
NEW! An increasing focus on the importance of computational neuroscience, which enhances our ability to record the electrical activity of the brain and cognitive processes of learning, a more direct
NEW! Zhang Kai key concept provides a convenient, improve learning materials introduce each chapter
Readings and complete reference literature at the end of each chapter is conducive to the further study and research
Useful appendix highlight the basic circuit theory, neurological examination, the patient’s blood circulation in the brain, the blood – brain barrier, choroid plexus, cerebrospinal fluid, neural networks and neuroscience / UL theoretical methods
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