Principles of Conflict Economics: A Primer for Social Scientists: Charles H. Anderton, John R. Carter: 0521875579: 9780521875578

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Title: Principles of Conflict Economics: A Primer for Social Scientists
Author: Charles H. Anderton, John R. Carter
ISBN-10: 0521875579
ISBN-13: 9780521875578

A comprehensive and penetrating exposition of public sector economic theory in a clean and elegant format. This book provides a balanced and thorough view of mainstream concepts with a strong theoretical focus throughout, and features a unique bank of up-to-date applications on the companion website to make the theory in the book come alive. Website: Key points: 1. Compact: At just under 500 pages, the book is well over a hundred pages shorter than its rivals. 2. Economical: With a suggested price to students of $79.99, this textbook is 40% less expensive than the leading competitors Separate chapters on: Applying the Social Welfare Function Decreasing Cost Services Public Assistance Social Insurance Taxes, Transfers, and Private Information Three chapters on Fiscal Federalism A unique epilogue that considers how Public Finance as a discipline may be affected by the rise of Behavioral Economics