Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture: Marita Sturken, Lisa Cartwright: 9780195314403

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Publication Date: January 2, 2009 ISBN-10: 0,195,314,409 ISBN-13 :978-0,195,314,403 Edition: 2
“Visual culture” is the core of how we communicate. Our lives are dominated by images and visual technology, local and global atmospheric circulation of ideas, information, and political. Increasingly visual world, how can we best decipher and understand the many aspects of our daily lives, organizations around looking for the practice and many of the images we encounter every day? Now, a new version of Looking practice: How do we understand a variety of visual media, as well as how we use images to express themselves, communicate, play, learn Visual Culture provides a comprehensive and fascinating overview of. Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright – sudden and dynamic visual culture and communication fields renowned scholars in a variety of different ways – check visual analysis to guide students through key theories and concepts.

Clear, easy-to-understand language, vivid examples, as well as more than 250 full-color illustrations, explanations and applicable theory, as they discuss how we see oil paintings, prints, photography, film, television, video, advertising, news, Internet, digital media and visualization techniques in medicine and science. This truly interdisciplinary text bridges art history, film, media and cultural studies to explore how images carry within and between different areas of cultural significance in everyday life, art and commerce, science and law. Sturken and Cartwright desire in a wide range of cultural and representative powers, gaze, physical, sexual, racial, and methods of Marxism, semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminist, post-colonial theory analysis image.

Completely updated the forefront of theoretical research, the second edition will check the following new topics: the surge of new media technology, in the form and content of the flow of information and media, as well as nationalism and security issues of the impact of globalization has changed the way we find in practice after 9/11. Challenges to access, the outlook of the practice is a series of courses, interdisciplinary, including media and film studies, communications, art history and photography ideal choice.

Practice exquisite design in a larger format and in full color throughout, is an invaluable guide to understanding the complexities, contradictions, and the visual world of fun.