Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 8e (9781437735826): Richard A. Lehne PhD

46. Vasodilator

47. Drugs used to treat high blood pressure

48. Heart failure drug

49. Antidysrhythmic drugs

50. Prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease drugs, to help restore normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels

51. Drug treatment of angina pectoris

52. Anticoagulant, antiplatelet and thrombolytic drugs

53. ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction management

54. Hemophilia drug

55. Applicable to the Deficiency Anemia drugs

56. Hematopoietic agent

VIII. Endocrine disorders, drugs

57. Diabetes drug

58. Thyroid disease drug

59. Hypothalamus and pituitary function related drugs

60. Adrenal cortex diseases

IX. Women’s health

61. Estrogen and progesterone: basic drug and non-contraceptive applications

62. Family planning

63. Drug treatment of infertility

64. Drugs affecting the function of the uterus

10 men’s health

65. Androgen

66. Erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia drug

XI. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immune drug

67. Review of the immune system

68. Childhood immunization

69. Immunosuppressants

70. Antihistamines

71. Cyclooxygenase inhibitors: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen

72. The glucocorticoid In non-endocrine disorders

XII. Bone and joint diseases

73. Medication for rheumatoid arthritis

74. Drug treatment of gout

75. Affect the levels of calcium and bone mineralization drugs

XIII. Respiratory drugs

76. Asthma medication

77. Allergic rhinitis, cough, cold drugs

XIV. Gastrointestinal drugs

78. Peptic ulcer disease drugs

79. Laxative

80. Other gastrointestinal drugs

XV. Nutrition

81. Vitamin

82. Weight loss drugs

XVI. Chemotherapy of infectious diseases

83. The basic principles of the antibiotic treatment

84. , Weaken the bacterial cell wall I: penicillins drug

85. Drugs weaken the bacterial cell wall II: carbapenem antibiotics, cephalosporins, vancomycin, telavancin, aztreonam, teicoplanin and fosfomycin

86. Bacteriostatic inhibitor of protein synthesis, tetracyclines, macrolides and other

87. Aminoglycosides: bactericidal protein synthesis inhibitors

88. Sulfa drugs and trimethoprim

89. Drug treatment of urinary tract infections

90. The mycobacterial agent: Drug tuberculosis, leprosy, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex infection

91. Other antimicrobial agents: fluoroquinolones, metronidazole, daptomycin, rifampicin, rifaximin, bacitracin, polymyxin

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92. Antifungal

93. Antiviral drugs: non-HIV-infected drug

94. II: antiviral drugs on HIV infection and related opportunistic infections

95. Drug treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

96. Preservatives and disinfectants

XVII. Chemotherapy parasites

97. Anthelmintics

98. The antiprotozoal drugs I: antimalarial

99. The antiprotozoal drugs: miscellaneous agents

100. Ectoparasiticide

XVIII. Cancer chemotherapy

101. The basic principles of cancer chemotherapy

102. Anticancer drugs: cytotoxic drugs

103. Anticancer drugs: hormone drugs, targeted drugs, and other cytotoxic anticancer drugs

XIX. Other important drugs

104. Eye of the drug

105. The drug to the skin

106. Drug ear

107. Other drugs worth mentioning

XX. Replacement therapy

108. Dietary supplements

XXI. Toxicology

109. Management of poisoning

110. Potential weapons of biological, radiological and chemical terrorism

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