Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research (5th Edition): Howard S. Friedman, Miriam W. Schustack: 9780205050178

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Publication Date: December 31 ISBN-10: 0205050174 ISBN-13 :978-0205050178 Edition: 5
This text will be “personalized” personalized curriculum, combining classic insights, personality theorists with modern research to attract and encourage deeper thought.

This book explores the classical theory from a point of view, to encourage critical thinking, and promote knowledge about and respect for humanity. For example, it shows the related topics of personality and culture, evolution, ego, gender, personal situational interaction on the classical theory.

The highest scientific standards, the character also uses a variety of unique and provocative teaching equipment has been proven to motivate students. Hailed as the best written, most relevant personality textbook on the market, the fourth version of Friedman and Schustack bring the field of personality to today’s diverse student popul