On Combat, The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace: Dave Grossman, Loren W. Christensen: 9780964920545

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Publication Date: October 1, 2008 ISBN-10: 0964920549 ISBN-13 :978-0964920545: 3
What measures focused fatal to humans fighting pressure, what effect on the nervous system, heart, breathing, visual and auditory perception, memory – then discusses new research results, to the soldiers in the battle to prevent this debilitations enable them to remain in the fight to survive, and victory. Look at history shows a brief but insightful Combat Evolved, the use of physical and psychological development, human killing other people, followed by objective examination of domestic violence in the United States. The author reveals the natural soldiers, brave men and women who train their mind and body, away from the others to escape from that place. Incredible impact in the study, some of the true warrior in the battle, the battle of new and exciting research, how to train your mind to become inoculated tension, fear, and even pain. Expansion, Lt. Col. Grossman popular “Bulletproof mind” describes this book explores soldiers fighting in the end after what happened, to feel emotions, such as relief and self-blame is a natural and healthy way have survived battle. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) details how to prevent and how to survive, it should happen, how to come out of the more powerful, and how to help others who are experiencing the fresh, rich in content and appearance. Collected after the end of the soldiers fighting in combat critical debriefing share what happened, criticism, learn from each other, for some people, begin to heal the terrorist. Readers will learn a very effective breathing technique, not only firmly ago, after a powerful warrior in the battle of the mind and body, but also can be used for the treatment of equipment to help separate the emotion from the memory. The concluding chapter discusses the understanding of the Christian / Judaism killed in the battle to provide a powerful insight, given over the years to help thousands of Lieutenant Colonel Grossman warriors, with their own actions in the battle. The final chapter to encourage soldiers to always fight for justice, not revenge, and let the rest of the day is full of pride, to perform their duties, is morally and ethically healthy. The vision of this information-rich book plow its extensive new research and startling findings, and its powerful, quotes and anecdotes, exposed from the top echelon of the warrior society, people are faced with toxic a fatal blow to the environment, new sharing their wisdom to help others. In the battle, it is easy to read and powerful range. This is a real classic, will read the new and old