Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care, 9e (9780323071505): Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig

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u to create a care plan, including expected results, interventions, patient teaching, and evidence-based reason.

Including recent or classic research supports the use of interventions to promote evidence-based interventions and ideas.
Unique! Provide health care plan for each NANDA-I approved nursing diagnosis.
Part of the care of the nursing diagnosis and planning, including how to use the “Guide to create a unique, personalized care plan step by step instructions.
Including children, geriatric, multicultural, and home care intervention necessary care plan.
Including examples, and suggested NIC interventions and NOC results in each care plan.
Allows quick access to specific symptoms and nursing diagnoses with alphabetical thumb tab.
Unique! Including hands-on care plan constructor companion Evolve website, create a customized care plan.
Including the new 2009-2011 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, including 21 new amendments to the diagnosis and 8.
The description of the cause of the problem, the symptoms are easy to color-coded box to help you develop a diagnostic report format.
Introduce three types of care diagnostic distinction.
Extended information, the actual and potential problems in the difference between the implementation assessment.
The new multidisciplinary care cooperation, as well as how it affects the care plan for more information.
Care plan, how to provide effective care in daily nursing practice.
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