Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice And Legal Guide: Carolyn Buppert: 9780763799748

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Publication Date: April 4, 2011 | ISBN-10: 0763799742 ISBN-13 :978-0763799748 Edition: 4
In the fourth edition, is now the best-selling Nurse Practitioners Business Practice and Legal Guide provides a solid foundation to build confidence and effective practice for students and practicing nurses must have the resources, each new or existing some nurse practitioners (NP), which defines what the NP and the interpretation of the scope of the law, with a particular state and federal regulations. completely updated and revised, with key countries, by the national Annex, the nurse practitioner business practices and legal guidance Fourth Edition provides a prescription, hospital privileges, negligence and fraud, risk management, health policy, moral, NP performance and measurement expert insights addition, it is important to solve the problem, such as: * the employment relationship * assume joint venture the state legislature testified written letter to the insurance company for the unpaid bills teaching in nursing schools served as the president of a country or a national organization of printed books include a CD-ROM customized evaluation form and plans and do not forget to visit our new the NP certification website: