Multinational Financial Management / Edition 9: Alan C. Shapiro: 0470415010: 9780470415016

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Title: Multinational Financial Management / Edition 9
Author: Alan C. Shapiro
ISBN-10: 0470415010
ISBN-13: 9780470415016

As the competition for private foundation dollars becomes increasingly more intense, nonprofit organizations are struggling to find competent grant writers who can show results. But even a perfectly written proposal, or a highly qualified grant writer, cannot guarantee funding. Best Practices in Grant Seeking: Beyond the Proposal explores how to involve an organization’s leadership in the grant seeking process, and how to work together with staff from public relations, program,s and even other fundraising areas, to make the grant proposal process more fruitful. The best practices in this book can help nonprofit officials determine agency-wide activities – both short and long term – that support and enhance the efforts of the grant writer and that will ultimately improve the amount and number of grants receive from foundations by building long-lasting relationships with funders, accessing the power of their communities, and establishing internal communication and cooperation.