Motivational Interviewing, Second Edition: Preparing People for Change (9781572305632): William R. Miller Phd, Stephen Rollnick PhD, Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller

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Publication Date: April 12, 2002 ISBN-10: 1572305630 ISBN-13 :978-1572305632 | Edition: second edition
This bestselling work has introduced hundreds of thousands of professionals and students in motivational interviewing (MI), a feasible method to help people overcome the contradictions, gets in the way of change. William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick interpretation of current thinking and behavior change process, the principles set forth, MI, and provide detailed guidelines to put it into practice. The case illustrates a key point in the addiction treatment and other clinical environments and demonstration of the benefits of MI. The author also discusses the process of learning, MI. The last one of the volume brings together a range of leading MI practitioners to present their work in different set