Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests, 4e: Kathleen Deska Pagana PhD RN, Timothy J. Pagana MD FACS: 9780323057479

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Publication Date: October 21,2009 | ISBN-10: 0323057470 ISBN-13 :978-0323057479 Edition: 4
Widely used in academic and clinical, this comprehensive resource provides clear, concise coverage of more than 700 of the most commonly used diagnostic and laboratory tests – including 30 new versions. Chapter tissue type of test, and start a list of tests covered, followed by a test type overview with specimen collection techniques. Test normal results, indications, a description of the test process and patient care in a consistent format and test results and clinical significance, as well as any applicable contraindications, potential complications, interfering factors, and related tests.

A full color design and 127 photographs and illustrations depict procedures, equipment, technology, and key concepts.
To provide comprehensive coverage of routine testing of more than 700 diagnostic and laboratory.
Unique! The test results and clinical significance of the interpretation of the part of the pathophysiology and test results may indicate that some disease process.
Color-coded thumb tab, in alphabetical order of the chapters and two appendices, lists all the tests – in alphabetical order, and other organized body systems – one for each test is easy to find.
Critical value, reminding you must immediately intervene in the case.
Unique! Relevant testing section lists the test, in order to provide similar information, or for Rate body system, disease process, or symptoms.
Unique! The clinical priority box emphasized the need to keep in mind is ready to test in a patient, perform testing and evaluation of the results of the information.
Unique! An icon to remind you drug-related interference factors affect the testing of pharmaceutical preparations.
A patient teaching icon to display the information, should be with the patients and their families.
Family care responsibilities boxes provide important patient teaching guidelines and instructions of patients outside the acute care setting.
Unique! Solve age-related problems boxes of children with special needs and elderly patients with age-related changes to the threshold.
SI units have been included in the appropriate test part of normal results.
Convenient list of diseases and organ panels, test abbreviations, and body system testing provides quick access to frequently referenced information.
A comprehensive index, including name, all of the tests and their synonyms, and other relevant provisions, quick access to clinically test project.
Completely updated content, including 30 new test duct endoscopy, globulin, lactoferrin, and human papilloma virus.
The new full-color photographs and enhanced illustrations clarify key concepts and demonstrate testing techniques.
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