Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination, 7e: Henry M. Seidel MD, Jane W. Ball RN DrPH CPNP DPNAP, Joyce E. Dains DrPH JD RN FNP BC DPNAP, John A. Flynn MD MBA, Barry S Solomon MD MPH, Rosalyn W Stewart MD MS MBA: 9780323055703

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ion Date: March 18, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0323055702 ISBN-13 :978-0323055703 Edition: 7
Mosby physical exam guide is a comprehensive physical examination, history and health assessment with a unique emphasis on differential diagnosis of changes throughout the life cycle, and textbooks. This book conveys a unique compassionate, a strong evidence for the basis of physical examination, the patient-centered approach.

The clinical pearl brief clinical insights and techniques, results and patient teaching expert tips.
Mnemonic boxes provide fascinating auditory, visual, and other clues to the memory to help you to remember a series of assessment or inspection steps.
Physical changes box to the multicultural consider assessment of patients from different ethnic and cultural groups.
Live in a good frame described in a comprehensive health promotion and patient teaching methods.
Risk Factors boxes highlight the modified and unchangeable risk factors for a variety of conditions.
The differential diagnosis boxes expected similar results, and explain the performance differences of the disease.
Physical Examination boxes provide the current data, the most effective technology to provide quality care for patients.
Functional Assessment boxes focus on the patient’s functional ability, and a holistic approach to patient care.
Downloadable text and PDA summaries allow for a quick review of the key steps in the examination of each system.
Dynamic learning activities on the site test your knowledge, and provide immediate feedback on your progress.
Update the entire techniques that reflect the latest research and evidence-based practice, normal and abnormal results, genetics, and assessment.
60 video clips prove exam techniques for each system and download video iPod devices.
25 new anatomy and physiology of the animation, explain the process described under the skin.
Audio chapter summary, download, MP3 players, and provides a convenient way to review the key elements in the journey.
New three tables, pathophysiology, subjective data, objective data, and provide an illustrated reference, to allow quick and accurate comparison.
75 new illustrations and dozens of new photos of normal and abnormal results help to clarify the concepts and techniques of anatomical examination.
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