Modern Banking / Edition 1: Shelagh Heffernan, Selag Hefferman: 0470095008: 9780470095003

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Title: Modern Banking / Edition 1
Author: Shelagh Heffernan, Selag Hefferman
ISBN-10: 0470095008
ISBN-13: 9780470095003

With a broad range of responsibilities in the modern corporation, ranging from cash management to the proper movement of potentially large amounts of funds and the construction of hedges, the treasurer’s duties require the integration of a comprehensive set of controls into a broad-based pro-cedural framework. Written by renowned accounting expert Steven Bragg, Treasury Management: The Practitioner’s Guide shortens the treasurer’s learning curve for all aspects of the position with authoritative coverage of the general categories of cash management, financing, risk management, and treasury systems. Addressing the treasury function from every angle, this invaluable guide: Addresses the various methods by which a company transfers cash, both on paper and by electronic means Shows how to create a cash forecast and monitor its accuracy Covers several methods for aggregating cash from a multitude of locations Explores the components of working capital and how they may be altered, thereby impacting cash flow planning Looks at what the treasurer does to raise debt and equity, as well as how to invest funds Includes discussions of the various kinds of debt and key characteristics of each one, how to deal with credit rating agencies, and the intricacies of equity offerings Discusses investments including investment criteria, types of available investments, and investment and risk-reduction strategies Considers an increasingly important aspect of the treasurer’s responsibilities: risk management Describes the technology that drives many treasury transactions Filled with extensive supporting examples, Treasury Management: The Practitioner’s Guide is the ideal sourcebook for the mechanics of how to run all aspects of the modern treasury department.