Mind Your Manners: Managing Business Culture in a Global Europe / Edition 3: John Mole, Bob Garratt: 1857883144: 9781857883145

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Title: Mind Your Manners: Managing Business Culture in a Global Europe / Edition 3
Author: John Mole, Bob Garratt
ISBN-10: 1857883144
ISBN-13: 9781857883145

Understanding the nature of cultural diversity is one thing-managing it day-to-day is quite another! When doing business internationally, culture shock-and sometimes culture clash-is unavoidable. John Mole’s Mind Your Manners: Managing Business Cultures in the New Global Europe is a comprehensive guide that explores cultural aspects of dozens of individual European countries as they relate to global business. Now in a fully expanded and updated third edition, Mind Your Manners includes every countriy-from the Baltics to the Balkans-applying for membership to the European Union, the world’s biggest global market, and many others. Based on interviews, surveys, and workshops with over a thousand managers (of fifty nationalities), Mind Your Manners describes Europe’s extraordinary political, economic, and social changes and their effects on the way we work together. New chapters on diversity, change, body language, and negotiation identify the key elements that shape the business and cultural environment of the continent, and Euroquizzes will test your knowledge and demonstrate the broad cultural spectrum of European nations. More than a mere catalog, Mind Your Manners is a must-read for anyone who intends to succeed in the European Union.