Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrated Introductory, First Course: David W. Beskeen, Carol Cram, Jennifer Duffy, Lisa Friedrichsen, Elizabeth Eisner Reding: 9780538747158

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Publication Date: July 27, 2010 ISBN-10: 0538747153 ISBN-13 :978-0,538,747,158 Edition: 1
The graphic series visualization and flexible way to build computer skills tutor favorite is an ideal choice for Microsoft Office 2010 computer rookies and hotshots teaching. Every two propagation is concentrated in a single skill, making information easy to track and absorption. The large, full-color illustrations on behalf of the students of how the screen should look. The concise text introduces the basic principles of the lesson and integrates a case study for further application.

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Easy to operate, easy to absorb a variety of learning styles, the two appeal to disseminate lessons learned.

The study in Room D increased coverage in the Word, to provide students with practical experience, a distinctive research papers, helping students retain and apply skills outside the classroom.

Final chapter Independent Challenges and Visual Workshops understanding the concept easier for the user’s application and a detailed explanation.

Quick Tips and Trouble boxes within the step-by-step instructions help students avoid typical errors and defects.

Use the clue boxes provide expanded learned skills or description of the background of the concise information-related tasks, skills and concepts.

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