Life Span Development: A Topical Approach: Robert S. Feldman Ph.D.: 9780205759569

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Publication Date: July 9, 2010 ISBN-10: 0205759564 ISBN-13 :978-0205759569 Edition: 1
Local life development programs for human development / organization.

Leaps and bounds of life: the topical method based on the chronological organization, popular throughout the life span development, about 20% shorter than the traditional life of the book and the organization of local.

Feldman maintain a student-friendly, has been the characteristics of Feldman’s other development textbooks. It is rich in examples to illustrate the application, research and life from the the developmentalists theory of derivative. It is particularly concerned about the application, from the theory and the field of study.

In order to optimize student learning and faculty to provide maximum flexibility, the book uses a modular approach. Therefore, rather than facing long, potentially daunting chapters, students encounter material is divided into smaller, more manageable blocks (modules). The demonstration of a small piece of a small piece of material research have long known that the best structure to facilitate learning.

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