Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior with Concept Maps and Reviews (Psy 113 General Psychology) (9781111833633): Dennis Coon, John O. Mitterer

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Publication Date: January 2012 ISBN-10: 111183363X ISBN-13 :978-1111833633 Edition: 13
Who co-authored the author. Positions from the teachers and students more praise and rave reviews, every successful version, Introduction to Psychology: Gateways, psychology and behavior, Thirteenth Edition attract and keep even hard-to-reach students attention. In version 13 is characterized by its pioneering integration of mature and effective SQ4R learning system (survey, question, read, reflect on, review, recite), which promote critical thinking as its guiding students gradually understand the psychology of a wide range concepts and diversity of topics. Throughout every chapter, these active learning tools, together with examples of the book, the writing style of lace, discussion of positive psychology, cutting-edge coverage of the field’s new research findings, and excellent media resources, to ensure that users find psychological fascinating study, the most important is a