Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context, 2nd edition: Carol Ann Drogus, Stephen Orvis: 9781608716685

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Publication Date: July 5, 2011 ISBN-10: 1,608,716,686 ISBN-13 :978-1608716685 | version: 2
Uncomfortable strict theme, or a purely national comparative politics courses through the national organization’s tired?

Do you want to teach this innovative hybrid book full access to students, easy to teach, professor wanted to give students a true sense of the issues, to meet the research in the field of the drive. Organized by the themes of the important concepts of comparative politics, who rules? How to explain the political behavior? Where, Why? The book integrates a set of extended case, the 11 core countries. The most meaningful in real terms as the consistent geographical touchstone, the chapters set in this case, they do not in theory, or in a separate volume separator, vividly illustrate in cross-border within the scope of the problem.

Features include several case studies of the core countries: Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, India, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, this new version, Mexico. The book also provides a Context “box model how it compares to the researchers to do their research and analysis,” the new method in the context of “the fact that the box, put an eye-opener theme background data, and why? “Box, explore why certain political consequences occurred in some countries, but not in others, and” national concept “table shows the key indicators of the core countries.

Updated and revised, including: the recent elections around the world, and the impact of the global financial crisis and its consequences, authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, ethnic violence, racial politics and identity, economic globalization, administrative legislative bodies, and * civil society the role of government.