Human Learning (6th Edition): Jeanne Ellis Ormrod: 9780132595186

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Publication Date: September 24, 2011 | ISBN-10: 0,132,595,184 ISBN-13 :978-0132595186 Edition: 6
This highly respected, market-leading textbook on learning theories applied to education, pre-service teachers and other educators to prepare a unique and meaningful learning experience. The sixth edition of Human Learning theory and learning related to education, the main points include: behaviorism, cognitive, social cognition, context, and the development of theory, always stressed the relationship between the concepts, covering a broad range. In addition, some the text details associationistic process (for example, classical and instrument adjustment), and the more complex and significant human processes (eg metacognition, self-regulated learning, critical thinking). Each chapter provides a major teaching philosophy, and specific applications to classroom practice, many specific examples to illustrate key concepts, principles, recommendations and dozens of proven examples, the basic principles of these theoretical understanding and little or no prior students in psychology courses.

A major update of this textbook include: important updates to reflect the latest research in the field and a new theory to expand the chapter of cognition and memory, Piaget and Vygotsky independent re-organized into two parts, a core part of the teaching of critical thinking skills, to discuss technology-based instructions significantly revised and expanded in this ve