Futures and Options Markets: An Introduction / Edition 1: Colin Andre Carter: 1577665538: 9781577665533

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Title: Futures and Options Markets: An Introduction / Edition 1
Author: Colin Andre Carter
ISBN-10: 1577665538
ISBN-13: 9781577665533

ROI Fundamentals ROI Fundamentals is the first of six books in the Measurement and Evaluation Series from Pfeiffer. The proven ROI Methodology—developed by the ROI Institute—provides a practical system for evaluation planning, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. All six books in the series offer the latest tools, most current research, and practical advice for measuring ROI in a variety of settings. ROI Fundamentals outlines the basic ROI Methodology and shows why measuring return on investment is such a valuable process. The book highlights the benefits of implementing an effective ROI model and also reveals the challenges organizations face when incorporating the ROI Methodology. Using real-world examples from international companies, the authors explore the types of organizations that are best suited for the ROI Methodology and suggest the optimal time to implement it. The book also offers step-by-step information for planning an effective ROI evaluation.