Foundations of Nursing in the Community: Community-Oriented Practice, 3e: Marcia Stanhope RN DSN FAAN, Jeanette Lancaster RN PhD FAAN: 9780323066556

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Publication Date: October 12, 2009 ISBN-10: 0323066550 ISBN-13 :978-0323066556 Edition: 3
Concise, focused coverage of care in the community, it is very easy to read textbooks provide the necessary information, you need to know the clinical practice setting – from the role of nurses and nursing vulnerable populations. It is characterized by practical, community-oriented approach, the attention of the health promotion and disease prevention.

Separate chapters on the various roles, and set up a community health care, including the faith community nurses, family nurse, nursing school, occupational health nurse, and governmental public health role, to provide a comprehensive perspective on these fields.
A detailed discussion of the vulnerable groups, proposed the concept of theory, assessment and intervention, to help you understand the unique issues.
Coverage of specific vulnerable groups, including customers in rural areas, migrant workers, pregnant teenagers, the homeless, those with substance abuse problems, and suffering from mental illness.
What would you do? Activities to strengthen problem-solving skills, and challenge you outside the classroom, this chapter apply to the material.
Case studies illustrate how key textbook concepts can be applied to real-world community care case.
Prevention box to determine the level of specific primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions, and the importance of community-oriented care prevention methods.
Evidence-Based Practice boxes focus of the latest research results can be applied to community nursing practice.
2010 National Health box discussion of national public health efforts to influence the practice of community health services.
Communities of practice client application provides real-life problems and answers.
Communicable / infectious disease surveillance and outbreak investigation of a new chapter in the collection, analysis and interpretation of health data, in order to safeguard public health, chronic diseases, terrorist incidents, and the importance of resolving the problem.
Combination of health education and group practice chapter discusses community and families, groups and communities within the population level education.
Enhanced coverage, Minnesota Intervention Wheel to introduce you to this public health care model, and further explained that the wheel and its components.
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