Forensic Psychology: Solomon M. Fulero, Lawrence S. Wrightsman: 9780495506492

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Publication date: April 18,2008 ISBN-10: 0,495,506,494 ISBN-13 :978-0495506492 Edition: 3
Written on the leading authority in the field of forensic psychology, Third Edition introduces you to how to psychologists to assist the legal system as an expert witness, the practice of forensic psychology, criminal profilers, the selection of a jury trial consultant and child custody hearing . Wrightsman and the Fulero the forensic psychologist’s role and responsibilities, and to solve these roles inherent opportunities and temptations. Through this lens, the authors explore the ethical issues facing engaged forensic psychologist customer commitments too, may become advocates rather than objective scientists, as well as the drawbacks associated with the values ​​of a generation of data. The author provides an accurate and candid areas, the scope of forensic psychology career.