Experience Psychology: Laura King: 9780078035340

Do you want your students to take a mental or psychological experience?
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Empirical psychology is a complete learning system, students’ personal, critical, positive psychological experience in their daily lives. Empirical psychology is, well, the experience of our own behavior at home and in our communities, our relationship at school and work in a different learning environment and interactive. Meaningful real-world case experience in contemporary psychology, the author of personalized notes and application practice to speak directly rooted in the students so that they can engage in verbal, visual, and psychology and learning and experience through reading to see and do. Empirical psychology of learning system, students do not just “take” psychological, but a positive experience.

Personalized experience many students think they know everything about Introduction to Psychology first test fight this? LearnSmart, McGraw – Hill’s adaptive learning system for students’ metacognitive capabilities and limitations, determine what they know and, more importantly, they do not know. LearnSmart Bloom’s Taxonomy and highly sophisticated “smart” algorithm to create a personalized, customized learning plan, the plan is unique in actual teaching to each student’s needs. With almost no administrative overhead, teachers use LearnSmart report to increase the performance of students in the letter above. The psychology of the whole experience, the students found a wealth of personal teaching “narration”, directly from the king, Laura, to guide their understanding, stimulate their interest, because they read. These useful notes highlight key terms and concepts, and The other prompt students to think critically about the complexity of the problem, other considerations, encourage students to apply what they have learned to their prior reading or new. The dialogue between these authors and students contribute to the development of the analytical ability of students to carry and applications far beyond their curriculum.

Empirical psychology experience emphasized critical thinking to stimulate critical reflection and analysis. Challenge your thinking sidebar features include students in the debate about the findings from contemporary psychology. Thought-provoking questions to encourage the examination of the evidence of both sides of the debate or controversy. Select the text of the intersection for critical thinking. Demonstrated in different areas of psychological research, the study of the same subject, reveal between the intersection and mutual influence, this exciting work, and student reflection and classroom discussion, they asked the provocative question.

With the new experience, stressed the active participation in the experience! Function, students can use their mobile devices, practice and master key concepts, whenever and wherever they choose. Easily find the QR code by capturing, students acquire the video, the concept of the clip, and news articles, a highly portable, rich, immersive experience, effectively strengthening the chapters read. By doing! A series of short, repeated sidebar link text reading activities, students get the opportunity to test their assumptions, and through practical exploration and discovery learning. Strengthen psychological sciences, need to be actively involved in, do it! Options include, for example, a movement observation of behavior in public places and classification, as well as how to guide an informal survey conducted by the students study the activities of the “happiness gene.” Such activities is to provide students with a vibrant, involving experience psychologists do their thinking. The empirical psychology out of the classroom to help students to maximize their potential to participate fully in their content and experience, including the world’s most popular undergraduate majors.