Evaluating Mineral Projects: Applications and Misconceptions / Edition 1: Thomas F. Torries: 0873351592: 9780873351591

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Title: Evaluating Mineral Projects: Applications and Misconceptions / Edition 1
Author: Thomas F. Torries
ISBN-10: 0873351592
ISBN-13: 9780873351591

In this new century, financial statement fraud has increasinglybecome a serious problem for business, government, and investors.In fact, the issue threatens to undermine the confidence of capitalmarkets and corporate leaders. Auditors, in particular, have beenhit hard for their seeming inability to find fraud on a massivescale. Monetary damages and settlement judgments in the hundreds ofmillions of dollars against auditing firms have become commonplace,and one of the largest auditing firms, Arthur Andersen, hascompletely disappeared. Now fully updated and filled with up-to-date case examples,Financial Statement Fraud, Second Edition not only explainsin understandable language how financial schemes are committed, italso offers valuable advice on how to prevent and detect them. TheSecond Edition is written specifically with publicly held companiesin mind—and packed with guidance from standard-settingorganizations such as the PCAOB, AICPA, and the SEC, providingtheoretical and practical advice ideally suited foryou—whether you are a manager or an auditor—to help yourecognize and stop financial statement fraud. The Second Edition continues to focus on the importanceof corporate governance in preventing and detecting financialstatement fraud, with the latest coverage on: Examinations of real-world frauds and practical tools andtechniques for carrying out their antifraud responsibilities Initiatives affecting the financial reporting and corporategovernance and auditing functions, such as SOX- and SEC-relatedimplementation rules Recommendations from the SEC Advisory Committee to reduce thecomplexity of the financial reporting process and improve thequality of financial reports Emerging financial reporting and auditing initiatives, includingmovement toward IFRS and IAAS and the use of the XBRL reportingplatform Corporate governance reforms in the post-SOX era, includingprovisions of the SOX Act, global regulations and best practices,ethical considerations, and corporate governance principles Straightforward and clear, this superior reference provides youwith an up-to-date understanding of financial statement fraud,including its deterr-ence, prevention, and detection. Itsuncomplicated language illustrates theoretical and practicalcon-cepts and procedures to aid comprehension of complex financialreporting processes and expos-ure to a variety of fraudulentactivities.