Ethics for the Information Age (5th Edition): Mike Quinn: 9780132855532

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Publication Date: March 5, 2012 ISBN-10: 0,132,855,534 ISBN-13 :978-0132855532 Edition: 5
This book is suitable for any independent computers and society “or” computer ethics courses in computer science, business, the Department of Philosophy, as well as special “modules” in any advanced CS courses.

In such an era, the changes in information technology and constantly thoughtful response to these rapid changes requires IT history, current issues, and are familiar with a basic understanding of the moral. The moral of the information age is to balance coverage face unique ethical theories used to analyze problems encountered by computer professionals in today’s environment. Raised provocative issues, such as social networking, government surveillance, from all points of view and intellectual property, this market-leading text to inspire students to think critically and draw their own conclusions, and eventually they become future technology is responsible for ethical users.