Essentials of Understanding Psychology, 9th Edition: Robert S. Feldman: 9780073382807

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Publication Date: October 4,2010 | ISBN-10: 0,073,382,809 ISBN-13 :978-0,073,382,807 | Version: 9
Your student is personal. Your textbooks treat them the way? Feldman understanding Outlines of Psychology. Feldman from an adaptive diagnostic tool, a GPS reader-friendly modular organization of learning, to ensure that every student to obtain a better understanding of psychology.

New groundbreaking adaptive diagnostic tool generates a personalized study plan to help students “know what they know, and guide them to understand and learn that they do not know through what with interactive exercises and reading.

Thoroughly revised Ninth Edition continues with Bob Feldman can access teaching methods of landmark studies, and focus on diversity in a flexible modules within the chapter f