Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice (Essentials of Nursing Research (Polit)): Denise F. Polit PhD FAAN, Cheryl Tatano Beck DNSc CNM FAAN: 9780781781534

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Publication Date: January 23, 2009. ISBN-10: 0781781531 ISBN-13 :978-0781781534 | Version: 7
The purpose of the study of the essence of nursing is taught to the students how to read, understand, analyze, and evaluate research reports in nursing practice. The seventh edition has been updated, evidence-based practice, including how to read and understand the content, and critical evaluation of the system, considered by many to be a cornerstone of evidence-based practice has strong coverage. The seventh edition also includes: a more balanced medical and social science methods and terminology introduced enhanced coverage of qualitative research, and much more!