Currency Strategy: The Practitioner’s Guide to Currency Investing, Hedging and Forecasting / Edition 2: Callum Henderson: 0470027592: 9780470027592

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Title: Currency Strategy: The Practitioner’s Guide to Currency Investing, Hedging and Forecasting / Edition 2
Author: Callum Henderson
ISBN-10: 0470027592
ISBN-13: 9780470027592

Every day managers are flooded with financial information from anover-whelming number of sources–company reports, the financialpress, and the Internet. While the language of financial statementsmay sound like a foreign tongue to you, you know you can’tignore it. To understand how to use financial information toimprove the performance of your company, you need a resource thatemphasizes how financial statements support meaningful managementcommunications. Written in accessible, nontechnical language, The Manager’sGuide to Financial Statement Analysis puts the focus on what youneed to know to be an effective participant in businesscommunications. Here is a frame-work that helps managers see howbusiness strategy is linked to shareholder accountability throughthe firm’s financial statements–without getting caught inthe trap of explaining how financial statements are preparedaccording to technical accounting rules and regulations. Theemphasis of this book is on how you, as a manager, can usefinancial information to improve the performance of yourorganization, rather than simply learning how to keep score! Using a full decade of financial data from Wal-Mart, and casestudies of a number of other high-profile firms including Cisco,Dell, and Pfizer, this book presents strategy models thatdemonstrate how financial information can be utilized to tell astory about a company’s business operations. TheManager’s Guide to Financial Statement Analysis is written inlanguage you can understand–the language of business as spokenby managers, not accountants or financial analysts. This book willgive you the tools you need to unleash the full communicationpotential of your company’s financial information, make you abetter manager–and make your company more competitive.