CULTURE: Lisa Gezon, Conrad Kottak: 9780078035029

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Publication Date: January 25, 2011 ISBN-10: 0078035023 ISBN-13 :978-0,078,035,029 Edition: 1
McGraw – Hill conducted extensive research to better understand the needs of students’ learning behavior and teachers. We learned that the students according to their learning visually appealing design and content, while instructors need a way to attract students, without affecting the high-quality content. In this, we created the M Series (a series of magazine style textbooks).
Culture is the latest addition to the series. This new magazine style text introduces cultural anthropology courses provide a solid academic content and with the design, will attract your students. Eyes, capture memorable teaching characteristics train students better understand the material, and will retain more of the course concept. This book presents a way of cultural anthropology, charming price, they are more like today’s students.

More current, more portable, more charming, coupled with a rigorous, innovative research based on an increase of more learning. When you meet students where they are, you can take them you want them to be ab