Criminological Theory: Past to Present: Essential Readings: Francis T. Cullen, Robert Agnew: 9780195389555

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Publication Date: March 19, 2010 ISBN-10: 0,195,389,557 ISBN-13 :978-0195389555 Edition: 4
Criminological theory: past to present – important reading, fourth edition, the classical and the modern theory of crime provides the most comprehensive overview.

Edited by renowned scholar Francis T. Cullen and Robert Agnew, it offers a wide range of readings, including original theory pieces. A brief but detailed introduction to each part of the frame (each reading), provide a “road map” for the students, they explore the ongoing intellectual development, different views, as well as to continue the debate in the field of criminology theory.

On the basis of the successful third edition, completely updated and revised fourth edition include:

* 8 new readings (each with its own description)
* Two new components (each with its own description) of white-collar crime “theory” and “work theoretical guidance for crime control policy


* Because of the instructors: a new teacher’s manual CD with multiple-choice and essay questions, learning objectives, key words, the topic of discussion and practice test bank and PowerPoint lecture slides

Comprehensive enough to graduate do not have enough undergraduate criminology theory: past to the present – important reading, fourth edition, is still a solid introduction to the basis of Criminology – competing theories that will shape the thinking of crime in the next few years.