Corrections in the 21st Century: Frank Schmalleger, John Smykla: 9780078026478

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Publication Date: January 10, 2012 ISBN-10: 0078026474 ISBN-13 :978-0078026478 Edition: 6
Corrections using the characteristics of modern amendments ideas and practices in the 21st century, and to obtain the skills necessary to succeed in the field to allow them to introduce students to a practical method. It corrected by including a complete description of the Correctional thinking, comprehensive the Correctional Services practice and the development of personal skills corrections field. The central theme of the text is always professional corrections. The fifth edition provides enhanced theme, evidence-based corrections, a way to measure the effectiveness of the revision of policies and practices. Using the latest data, the latest news, and the development of cutting-edge technology, student learning is an effective and ethical modify professionals in today’s interdependent world.