Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, & Management, 5e (Cherry, Contemporary Nursing): Barbara Cherry DNSc MBA RN NEA-BC, Susan R. Jacob PhD MSN RN: 9780323069533

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Publication Date: August 18, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0323069533 ISBN-13 :978-0,323,069,533 | Version: 5
Contemporary nursing: issues, trends, and management, 5th edition as you prepare for the rapidly changing world of health care. It provides a comprehensive, centralized overview of the impact of the practice and the problems faced by today’s nurse managers and tomorrow’s nurse-led care topics. Book by the famous educator Barbara Cherry and Susan R · Jacob, this version is completely revised and updated to provide you with the most practical, balanced preparation work issues, trends and management as the theme in practice , you will encounter.

The full-color design helps illustrate the concept, and to improve readability.
The colorful, humorous cartoons introduce the theme of this chapter.
Story in real life, the point of view of the history and practice of care at the beginning of each chapter.
In reading this chapter reflect the amulet, and you are ready for the material issues to consider.
The principal terms of learning outcomes and chapter outlines to help you learn more effectively.
Coverage of nursing leadership and management, and allow you to be prepared to play a role in the management role effectively.
Coverage of career management how from students to doctors and how to make the transition through the NCLEX-RN ® exam skills, strategy.

Emphasis on safe and effective decision-making and a a new care education (QSEN) “chapter highlight six core quality competitiveness in a quality system, guidelines for clinical practice and health care service innovation and the quality and safety of the new information.
Focus on nursing roles, and now in many countries jurisprudence examination, including new content and content of contemporary ethical issues, such as stem cell research, alternative care, abortion and genotyping.
Coverage teamwork and cultural sensitivity of the communication of the preparatory work, the team members of different gender and cultural divide.
Conflict management, communication skills between effective and ineffective e-mail communication and colleagues pay more attention to the promotion of new examples.
The scope of nursing leadership, including the relationship of a new chapter in the history of collective bargaining, the advantages and disadvantages, and the cost, quality, and value in health care, including such as “never events” and pay for performance issues.
Opportunities for care, including palliative care coverage.
Resources on the companion Evolve website includes new case studies, interactive learning activities, and resume production.
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